The Story of Raine Company

Hey hey love! I wanted to share the backstory of Raine Company since it is truly the heart and soul behind my business and why i started.

Back in May 2020 I was 18 years old, finishing my senior year in high school. Then May 16th came along and changed my life forever. I lost my biggest inspiration in life, my grandma Elaine. She suffered from Parkinsons for 14 long years, in the end a stroke is what took her life. It felt like a piece of me was missing for so long after losing her. 

January 2021 came, I had just finished my first semester at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, still uncertain in what i wanted to do. One day i mentioned to my friends and family about how i wanted to start a little Etsy shop. I always loved business and wanted my own at some point. They all told me to go for it and were really excited for me! I had already picked out a name, 'Raine' the RA is from my name Rachel, the INE is from my grandma Elaine. My mission was to spread the love my grandma showed SO many people, those she knew and those she just met. She was one who went through a fair share pain and suffering, yet still always put others first and rarely complained.

I bought a Cricut Maker and the cheapest iPad I could find and got started designing! I was clueless to say the least when i started... I had three tee-shirt designs and a handful of sticker designs, along with tote bags and mugs when I launched out of my parents basement.

I will never forget my launch day and all the LOVE that was shown to me. February 12th 2021 will forever hold a special place in my heart. 

Fast forward a year, Raine Company had grown so much! I attended a variety of pop-up events, started selling wholesale and am in over 50 shops all over the world! I was starting to quickly grow out of the space i had in the basement, so i started looking for office spaces! 

I got a call January 21, 2022 from my aunt about a potential storefront space opening up in the Spring. A storefront had always been on my vision board, I just never thought it would happen so fast, especially at only 19 years old! After meeting with the lovely lady who was currently in the space and getting more information it was a no brainer for me. That was Raine's next step.

I spent the next few months, researching, rebranding and really focusing on what/where I wanted Raine Company to go! I realized i truly just wanted others to FEEL GOOD in their Raine goodies, and spread the self love message! Thats where Raine's motto, 'Feel Good + Love yourself' came from! One step in loving yourself if FEELING GOOD in what you're wearing!

I finished the year off with school and got the keys to the space! After a few weeks of painting and store prep I was at a point ready to open! 

Here we are June 14th 2022, the store is officially opened! That piece of me that felt missing after losing my grandma will always be there, but this business, you, have helped fill it. I know she would have loved to meet each and every one you amazing people. I cant wait to see where Raine goes- here's to feeling good and LOVING ourselves!

love you times a million,

Rach - Owner of Raine Company <3

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